Thank you for your interest in Freedom Speakers International! We empower North Korean refugees to engage in public speaking. As part of our work, we have published three books by North Korean refugees and another book about their experiences at the Hanawon Resettlement Center. The co-founders will be visiting the USA in late September, at which time they will mail signed copies of books to donors.

For every $100 you raise or donate by August 15, 2024, we will send you a copy of a book by FSI that you select (for yourself or a friend).

Girl with Black Makeup: Escapee from North Korea by Sharon Jang

Greenlight to Freedom: A North Korean Daughter's Search for Her Mother and Herself by Songmi Han and Casey Lartigue Jr.

Escape from North Korea, New Beginnings in South Korea: 20 North Korean Refugees Reflect on the Hanawon Resettlement Center by Casey Lartigue Jr. and Eunkoo Lee

Coming soon: Strongest Soldier of North Korea by Youngnam Eom

If you don't want a signed copy, you may still order any of the books via Amazon.