FSI In the Media: Harvard University Alumni of Color Conference

On March 2, 2024, FSI co-founders Eunkoo Lee and Casey Lartigue, Jr. held a workshop on North Korean human rights titled “Why hasn’t there be a revolution in North Korea?” at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Alumni of Color Conference (AOCC). In this workshop, Lee and Lartigue were also joined by Jisung Lee, author of 10,000 Kilometers.

The AOCC took place from March 1–2, 2024 and featured many Harvard alumni of color including Lartigue. The workshop on North Korean human rights was one of many that took place during the conference. About 30 Harvard undergraduates attended Lee and Lartigue’s workshop.

Five Korean media outlets published about FSI’s workshop at Harvard and about FSI’s upcoming 19th “I Am From North Korea” speech contest that will be hosted at Harvard University.

All eighteen of FSI’s preceding contests have been held in South Korea and made possible by English-speaking volunteer speech mentors who were working with North Korean refugees at FSI’s office in Seoul, South Korea, or virtually via Zoom.

The 19th speech contest will be the first to be held abroad, and seven North Korean refugees will be paired with speech mentors from Harvard University.