Dr. Jungchun Choi

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Junghun Choi joined Freedom Speakers International (FSI)’s North Korean Refugee Keynote Speakers Network in 2020 as an expert on North Korea’s COVID-19 situation.

Dr. Choi graduated from a specialized high school in North Korea where only top students could enter, and he studied at Chongjin Medical University, majoring in clinical medicine.

He worked as a Neurologist in a Sinam area hospital in North Korea.

His family has a Japanese background, coming from Japan to North Korea in the 1960s. Because of this, he has never been brainwashed by the North Korean regime. He was allowed to read various books in North Korea. His knowledge of the outside world made it difficult for him to accept the North Korean ideology. He understands the North Korean system and has many views and analyses on that matter. He also gives speeches on the medical system in North Korea, the COVID-19 situation in North Korea, and often talks about various topics regarding the North Korean regime.