Hannah Han

Keynote Speaker

Hannah Han joined Freedom Speakers International (FSI) in 2018 as a high school student seeking to improve her English.

She was born in Hyesan, Yanggang Province. She escaped from North Korea in 2015. After enduring an unbearable life in China, Hannah arrived in South Korea in 2017

Hannah is now a college student majoring in Chinese Studies and Public Law. She has been the president of the Freedom Club since 2022, where she has helped young North Korean defectors plan their successful graduation.

In 2022, she began her public speaking career with speeches at the United Nations, Harvard University, and other parts of the United States about the human rights situation of North Korea and North Korean women.

She plans to go to law school after finishing her bachelor’s degree, and her dream is to become a human rights lawyer and work towards making the world a more tolerable place.

Hanna’s mission is to guarantee the human rights of North Koreans. And it’s about helping North Korean women’s children find their identity.