Kyeongil Joh

Keynote Speaker

Kyeongil Joh defected from North Korea in 2004 and arrived in South Korea that fall. In 2007, I was admitted to the Political Science and Diplomacy department of a Korean university. When I was an undergraduate student, I withdrew from school for 2 years and moved to Texas, USA, to receive one year of apprenticeship training at the YWAM missionary organization.

When I returned to Korea, I finished my undergraduate studies and moved on to a graduate school in 2013 to study Political Science and Diplomacy. After completing a two-year graduate course, I worked for a consulting company from 2015. I provided advice on campaigns and strategies for candidates running in elections.

Since the end of 2017, I worked as a National Assembly aide for three years. I assisted in policy and legislation processes while working as a National Assembly aide. And again, I worked as a secretary of the Secretariat-General of the National Assembly until 2020. Afterwards, I was in charge of the election camp’s public relations in a mayoral election.
I also worked as a lecturer and a columnist advocating for peaceful unification. On December 15 last year, I published my autobiographical essay, “To Aoji: The Country of a Boy Who Escaped from North Korea Three Times.” Now I’m a writer and a freelance lecturer as well.

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