Yuna Jung

Keynote Speaker

Empowerment program of Freedom Speakers International in 2018. She was the winner of FSI’s 11th English Speech Contest in September 2020. She was a featured speaker at FSI’s Ivy League Conference for Korean Unification at Harvard University in the United States in late 2019. She joined the North Korean Refugee Keynote Speakers Network when it was formed in late 2020.

Yuna originally hails from North Korea and defected to South Korea in 2006. She has worked as an instructor of North-South unification education in many organizations, an English teacher at YBM Private Academy, and a translator and personal secretary to the chairman of Roger Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc.

A public speaker in high demand, Yuna frequently lectures at secondary schools and government institutions across Korea, and she also makes regular guest appearances on the South Korean TV talk show “Now on My Way to Meet You (이제만나러갑니다)” on Channel A. She was the winner of the 2017 Ministry of Unification Education Experience Presentation Contest.